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  • Patent Number: 3984/DEL/2015

    Yielding free Energy from Wast Heat in an Automated Fire Alarm Train

  • Patent Number: 3395/DEL/2015

    Utilization of Motor Losses (Vibration and Heat ) to Generate Energy

  • Patent Number: 1545/DEL/2015

    Automatic Railway GATE Control & track changer using smart anti collision Technique

  • Patent Number: 1544/DEL/2015

    Artificial Sketcher

  • Patent Number: 1162/DEL/2015

    Intelligent (Real Time) Traffic Routing

  • Patent Number: 1141/DEL/2015

    Automated Medical Dispenser for National and State Highways

  • Patent Number: 853/DEL/2015

    Induction of Radio Frequency Transmission

  • Patent Number: 857/DEL/2015

    An Innovation way to Control Green House

  • Patent Number: 701/DEL/2015

    Smart Android Based Security System

  • Patent Number: 700/DEL/2015

    Smart Monitoring, Controlling Of Local Temperature By Solar Powered Exhaust Fan With Digital Display

  • Patent Number: 699/DEL/2015

    Indoor Pollution Control Plant For Industry And Domestic Purpose

  • Patent Number: 3901/DEL/2014

    An Portable Application Over Mobile Message For Car Securing Through Locking & Unlocking

  • Patent Number: 2793/DEL/2014

    Design Of Low Cost ASES - An Automation System For Electricity Saving

  • Patent Number: 2439/DEL/2014

    Adaptive Design of Skin as Touch Screen

  • Patent Number: 214/DEL/2014

    Transparent Front Support Pillar (A - PILLAR) For Cars

  • Patent Number: 2666/DEL/2013


  • Patent Number: 2576/DEL/2013

    Women Security System

  • Patent Number: 2034/DEL/2013

    Multi-purpose Life for servicing of Building Externally

  • Patent Number: 1797/DEL/2013

    Emergency Brake Assist System Using Accelerator Pedal (EBA)

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